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This is the original model that comes with front and back buttons on the side. It is wireless and comes with the wireless dongle to connect to your computer or laptop. This is a best seller. It was produced in limited quantities and it will never be manufactured again. If you get this, your friends will wonder where you got it from. They will want one too.

This is the same as the previous version, but the design is more fancy. It is the 006-z model which means it also has a double click button, which can be especially useful for gaming. It is lighted so it looks great in a dark room, especially if you have a matching keyboard to go with it.

This one is the kind that has a more curved top, good for people who spend long hours on the computer. It is especially good for business and office use. Not recommended for gaming.

This is the wired version of the 006 model, it has all the features but costs less. Looks like a fancy car. Good if you are into cars. Good if you don’t mind the wire.

These are the “zoo” editions of the previous model. They have back and front buttons on the side, good if you perform tasks that require you to click backward and forward a lot. For example, if you do tasks that require constant copying and pasting, or if you are quickly switching between windows, this would be useful for you.

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